5 Things To Consider When Booking Your Celebrant

We all know that choosing a celebrant for your big day can be a daunting and time consuming process. Here at The Celebrant Circle we are committed to finding the perfect person to share that special space with you, without you having to lift a finger.

Five things to consider when contacting us:

1) You have to be engaged with your celebrant from that first meeting or phone call, if you don’t think that they are the one then keep on shopping. The celebrant will be the one telling your story and starting off your wedding, you have to be confident that they will tell it how you have always imagined.

2) Make sure you have similar interests to your celebrant. You’ll have a lot of down time together, especially waiting at the end of the aisle for your bride or groom to arrive. It’s always good to be able to chat away and get rid of any nerves that you may have !

3) Talk to other couples and vendors about their experience with the celebrant. It’s always great to get first hand knowledge of how they act, present themselves and whether they deliver an amazing ceremony or not.

4) Make sure that the celebrant has good reviews and experience. People will always remember three things from a wedding: How amazing the ceremony was, how delicious the food was and how freely the booze was flowing. Here at The Celebrant Circle we hand pick all of our celebrants so that it takes away this stress from you.

Does their style of ceremony suit what you were envisioning? Sit down together and decide if you want a male or female, funny or serious, religious or non-denominational. All of these choices will have a big impact on the final celebrant that you choose and it’s a nice little job to do together.

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