Introducing our team of celebrants.

Each with their own quirky nature and unique touch, our dedicated wedding celebrants service the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tweed Coast, Byron Bay and all the way down to Sydney.


I’ve always been in front of a crowd, as a Comedian, MC, Actor and Singer for the past 20 years. I live on the Northern NSW/QLD border, Tweed Heads to be exact. It’s pretty perfect, an hour from the city and 20mins to the country, but the best part is I’m a stones throw to the beach. Surfing is my life, there is something cleansing about being in the ocean.

One of the best parts of this gig for me is helping the groom through the nerves when he’s waiting on his bride. I’m an out going guy, but on my wedding day I was shitting myself. I have no idea why, but I have found it to be a constant with most grooms. When I am there with them I like to crack a few jokes and calm the nerves, so he can relax a little and enjoy the moment.

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Hey everyone, my name is Mel. I am a Civil Wedding Celebrant qualified to officiate Civil Marriage Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies and Vow Renewals around Brisbane. I am fun, lively and passionate. I love the celebration and meaning of Marriage, so I felt it very natural for me to become a Civil Marriage celebrant. I feel as though I am helping to create very special memories for couples and their families as they join together as one. It really gives me immense pleasure to be apart of my clients special occasion that only their nearest and dearest are invited to attend.

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Hey, I’m “Fabs” – a marriage celebrant who loves people and aims to create personable ceremonies for couples with a few laughs along the way. I have a relaxed but professional approach and I value the friendships I develop from working closely with couples to create their perfect ceremony.

For me, my wedding day was the best day of my life (up there with the birth of my kids of course). I was lucky enough to have two weddings – a commitment ceremony on the beach in Bali and a legal ceremony on the water (literally on the water – our legal ceremony took place on stand-up paddle boards) when we returned home to the Gold Coast.

I have had a microphone in my hand my whole life; from singing on Johnny Young Talent Time on national television as a young child, presenting as an MC on a boat cruise for many years and training new recruits in my former role in the airlines.

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I first got into the Celebrant way of life after being MC for a number of weddings and being asked by good friends that they wanted me to marry them. I didn’t have to think about it for too long because I love attending weddings and what better way to be involved in them, than being up there with the bride and groom and helping them through one of their most special occasions.

Being asked to join The Celebrant Circle is a great honour as I know the importance of helping a bride and groom through their special day. Having an easy going personality I will strive to make your wedding special and fun. I will be serious when I need to be but I will keep the rest of the ceremony as relaxed as the bride and groom want it to be.

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A combination of things led me to becoming a celebrant. Firstly, I was that friend who everyone asked to be MC. Secondly, as a successful personal trainer, I could fit another job into my schedule (and I love to be busy).

Thirdly, who doesn’t love a wedding?! It’s a day all about the pair of you. Surrounded by your favourite people, everyone looking dapper, there’s food, wine, dancing, GIFTS… but most importantly there’s that palpable emotion, love and happiness felt by every single person there. So here we are. You just tell me your story, and I’ll say the magic words.

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Standing next to my best friends as they said “I Do” or being selected as their Master of Ceremonies was something that I had the great honour of doing countless times. It became clear after my 20th wedding in a matter of years that not only was I playing the lead character in the male version of “27 Dresses”, but my natural ability to bring confidence and calm to any situation, my experience running events and my charismatic and humorous nature on the microphone perfectly suited me to join the ranks as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant in Australia.

As a celebrant I am super laid back, fun and energetic. I have a kick-ass job because I genuinely love weddings. I love staring down the aisle as the beautiful bride steps out for her procession, I love looking back at the groom as he wipes away a tear and I love nothing more than saying “Ladies and Gentlemen, for the very first time, may I introduce to you …..”

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After years of being MC at wedding receptions, I realised that my joy for such days could go beyond just the reception… Oh and I did have a small nudge in the celebrant direction by my awesome sister who asked me to become registered to solemnise her marriage!

Since then, I’ve fallen in love with creating fun (yet heartfelt) ceremonies that are a true celebration of the couple we have come together to celebrate.

I’m always excited to meet each new couple to see how we begin their wedding day with a ceremony that is a joy for them and their guests.

Having been a celebrant now for several years, I am proud to offer my services as full time celebrant so that you and your partner can be confident you’ll have my full attention in ensuring your ceremony is exactly as you’d wished!

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Originally from the UK, Australia has been my home for 8 years. I also work as Wellness Advisor for reality TV shows and when I’m not at work I’m most likely to be chilling with my dog Bella, doing pilates or drinking margaritas.

My journey as a wedding celebrant started with the wedding of two friends. When one of my closest friends said she was not having bridesmaids I opted for the next best thing to be part of her big day and became a wedding celebrant. As it turned out, it was the very best thing.

My wedding ceremony style is exactly what the bride and groom want for their day. I am pro marriage equity, pro alternative weddings, pro having your pets at the wedding (please do!). Whatever your heart desires, we can work together to make your dream wedding a reality.

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Hi, I’m Jeff!
I have a friendly and infectious nature, always up for a laugh.
I go to the gym and like to stay fit.
Tacos are my favourite food and I love Dragonfruit.
I have stood on the edge of an active Volcano in Vanuatu, have been on TV & Radio, touched a glacier in Canada and just love my work. I am a modern, vibrant Celebrant full of life & with a wicked sense of humour. My aim to is deliver you and your guests an experience they will fondly remember as being stylish, smooth flowing, personal and of course, a lot of fun.
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Hi, Im Jay!

I am that vibrant, creative celebrant with a quirky side who loves every bit of what I do.  From our meetings, to creating and planning your ceremony.

The best part is the natural high we are all on, on the day. you cant beat that buzz.

Originally from the Blue Mountains, I crept my way up the coast; living in Coffs, then the GC and landed years later in Brisbane with my now husband, our three crazy dogs, thirteen silky chickens and our two gold fish; named gin & tonic.

The best part of my role is being up the front with my couples and watching everyone’s eyes light up with love, laughter and tears as love stories are shared.  I have a thing for creating and planning; then bringing it all together.

Hence I love being the celebrant, but also the MCeee. Who doesn’t just love one go-to person & familiar face?!

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For me, being a mother and a marriage celebrant is the best job in the world!

I am a mother of a 9 year old girl and a 8 month year old boy, with a great sense of humour and am always finding myself enjoying a good laugh. Whether it be watching the kids play, trying to out wit my husband or having a good banter with my couples. I have a warm and engaging personality and love to connect with my couples to make them feel at ease. Most people would refer to me as a passionate energiser bunny who loves to share meaningful stories.

I am not only a celebrant but a perfectionist. Whether it be about getting to know you, helping you find the perfect suppliers, writing your ceremony, helping you find the perfect music, placing the buttonhole on the groom, seating the family members or straightening the aisle runner, I am there for every little detail. My ceremonies are written with my heart and soul and personalised to portray your individuality, personality, beliefs and love story. I love to create ceremonies that deliver all the possible wedding emotions from tears of happiness, to endless laughter and cheers of excitement.

You could also say I am quite the therapist devoted to your wedding planning.  With over 10 year’s experience in weddings I am here to help you navigate the inevitable challenges that a wedding entails: where to start, what do I really want, what is important to me, ever-increasing guest lists, wedding jitters, passionate family members and pure overwhelms.

My personal goal is to make your wedding planning journey as special as the destination. Not only am I celebrant but a friend to lean on.

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