When Is Your Ceremony Written?

Want to know when and how we write your ceremony script? Read on!

Your ceremony script is an incredibly important part of your wedding day, it kicks off the start of your celebrations and creates the atmosphere for your guests. There are a few steps that we take here at The Celebrant Circle to ensure that your ceremony is exactly as you had envisioned.

We learn about your love!
We do this through an initial catch up either over the phone or in person, we learn what you love about wedding ceremonies and what you don’t love. We find out who made the first move, where you got engaged, how many people or fur babies are apart of your family…. The list goes on.

A few months out from your big day we will send a questionnaire out for you to fill in which goes a bit more into depth about your life and love. This is to help your celebrant start to write the ‘bones’ of your ceremony.

Around 6 weeks prior to your wedding day we organise a time for you and your celebrant to have one final catch up. This is to give your celebrant the time to gather the final information needed to finish up your ceremony and for you to ask any questions that you may have in terms of timings, running of the ceremony etc.

Once you’ve had your final catch up your celebrant will email you a copy and ask for any feedback or changes that you might have…. I can feel your final question… Why do we wait until 6 weeks before your wedding day to write your ceremony? It feels a bit close?
We promise you, there is plenty of time for us to write your ceremony and make any changes that you may have, we like to ensure that all of our celebrants know your ceremony pretty much off by heart so that the ceremony flows well and it’s not just them reading it word-by-word. Writing it 6 weeks out makes sure that it’s fresh in their memories and creates such an epic tone.

Of course, if you have any questions prior to any of these dates you can always reach out to us or directly to your celebrant, we love chatting to you!

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