Vows and how to write them!

Writing vows can be the most exciting or terrifying part of a ceremony for so many people. Many couples put so much pressure on themselves to write the best vows they possibly can, which is understandable considering the public validation of love that you are expressing. But there really aren’t any particular ‘steps’ that you should take.


It does not have to be the old ‘I love you till the end of time’ lovey dovey sentences that have been regulated as vows from the dawn of time. Sure, they should have emotions… Just make sure they are YOUR emotions… and not Google’s (Happens all the time, I promise!)


Think about your partner. What do they mean to you? How to they make you laugh and cry? What frustrates the hell out of you? What are your favourite memories together?

Doing this will make writing your vows that much easier. The words that you say on your wedding day, be them good, bad or otherwise, are your personal vows about that one person that knows you better than anyone in the entire world.

You are about to spend your life with this person and no matter what you say, as long as it has come from you and your heart then they will love it.

We hope this helps you to build your special vows, remember there is no ‘obligation’ that you have to do personal vows. If you feel more comfortable leaving them out then just let your celebrant know. It’s your wedding day and it should be exactly as you want it, don’t let the peer pressure of weddings force you into doing something that you will look back on and regret.

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